Summary:Good afternoon,everyone,my honoured teachers and my fellow students.I'm very pleased to be the hostess for today's competition ,to give the opening speech for everybody.now you are watching the 1th “W.

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    一、 Good afternoon,everyone,my honoured teachers and my fellow students.I'm very pleased to be the hostess for today's competition ,to give the opening speech for everybody.now you are watching the 1th “Welcome New Year”Cup English speech contest. Thank you for coming to this afternoon’s competition. In today's show. There are 19 contestants.They are coming fro m different Classes of different Grades. I hope we can exchange experiences of how to learn English better.These experiences will be very useful for the students in our school.So I hope we'll make good use of this opportunity.各位老师、亲爱的同学们,很高兴今天能担任此次比赛的主持人,今天是我们职业中学首届“迎新年”杯365bet真人体育_365bet足球网_365bet注册送365演讲比赛,在今天的比赛中有19名选手参赛,他们是来自不同的年级不同的班级。我希望通过这次比赛,大家能够交流如何更好地学习365bet真人体育_365bet足球网_365bet注册送365的经验,这对我们在学校的学习有很大的帮助,所以我希望大家都能好好地珍惜这次机会。

    二、Ok, now ,I think it’s better for me to introduce our judges.

    评委:丁校长、金校长、崔主任、赵赟、彭志平、王海燕、李瑞珍、张靖雯、牟秀丽,let’s warmly welcome大家欢迎!三、Ok,it’s time for show好,现在开始比赛1、Now. let's warmly welcome contestant No.1 彭永霞 .From class2 grade1,and contestant No.2 ,get ready ,please.2、机电班:陈伟? contestant No.1 彭永霞 the last mark is ^3、天津二班:慕琼4、职高三:李芙蓉5、综合高三:景奋凤6、综合高二:赵银龙7、上海中芯班:王霞8、青岛电子一班:马维芳9、职高二:杨芳芳10、职高三:张芸芸11、天津一班:陈永红12、青岛电子二班:周丽13、青岛电子一班:宋彤霞14、机电班:祁亮宏15、综合高二:杨金梅16、上海中芯班:魏莉17、天津二班:韩强18、天津一班:漆双福19、综合高三:赵霞20、职高二:漆巧莲

    六、And after all the contestants finished their speeches, let’s warmly welcome our headmaster mr.Ding to make remarks. Now, we are taking a break.

    七、Good afternoon, everyone. welcome back to the 1th “Welcome New Year”Cup English speech contest. And now you are watching the final.

    After our judges’ discussion, now the result has come out.

    ?1、 First, I would like to announce the third winners:
    ?2、And then, the second winners:

    3、Ladies and gentlemen ,can you feel the most exciting moment? How exciting the moment is!

    Right now, what I am going to announce is the first winners:


    1、now,let’s welcome the third winners to come onto the stage.

    ???? And warmly welcome our leaders to give awards to our winners.

    2、And then second winners plea.???

    3、ladies and gentlemen, let's bring the first winners onto the stage with a warm of applause.

    九、well,how exciting today the contest is!

    ??? But ,now I have to say : That’s all , thank you!

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???????? ?? ??I will to announce
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